GroGas  CO2 Gas

Highest Quality Food Grade CO2

At Titchmarsh we provide food grade Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and related products for use in Horticulture, Automotive and welding, Food preparation and carbonisation, Aquatics and Fire safety.

Our pressurised carbon dioxide filled cylinders are lightweight and rent free. We rigorously and regularly test all our cylinders ensuring we exceed industry standards. Our aim is to consistently exceed industry standards across the product range


“Friendly and knowledgeable they were there for us during the shortage making sure we were able to deliver for our customers.”

Angela Gray – Bristol

“Our hydroponic grow space requires high levels of CO2. Titchmarsh helped us calculate and reach the correct CO2 levels for our grow space. Dramatically improved quality and yields were the result.”

Marek – Birmingham

“Titchmarsh worked with us to help us work out exactly what we needed. They made sure we maintained stock levels.”

Steven Fields – Essex