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Our CO2 controllers manage your parts per million levels (PPM) in your greenhouse. Simple to use and highly accurate our CO2 controllers make managing and enhancing your space easy and reliable.

Enrichment of the greenhouse with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is crucial to maximising yield and overall plant health. Our food grade product is perfect for the enrichment of CO2 in CLA (closed loop agriculture) and all CGE (Closed Growing Environments). Increasingly horticulturalists in non closed loop indoor environments are enhancing their grow environments with CO2 and seeing the enhancements in quality and yeild.

Hundreds of extensive scientific experiments have determined that the optimal levels of CO2 in a greenhouse or indoor garden are often the ingredient that helps growers realise the full potential of their grow area. After spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on creating the perfect environment giving plants optimal light, nutrients and water the process of photosynthesis will still be limited by the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere.
Experience the faster and more vigorous growth. See the increased plant heights, more extensive root development with heavier and faster growth. CO2 enriched environments produce crops that mature earlier with longer and thicker stems with larger and more colourful flowers.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need special equipment to use bottled CO2?

For managed release you will require a regulator. The regulator allows for the controlled release of the gas to infuse the air or liquid.

How should I store the cylinders?

Cylinders should be stored upright in a well ventilated area.

Do you sell CO2 cylinders?

No. A deposit is required for the cylinders and they remain the property of Titchmarsh you pay for the gas within.