CO2 Regulators

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Our regulators enable the disbursement into the atmosphere of CO2 gas in conjunction with a CO2 controller. Titchmarsh supplied regulators are made of high grade brass fittings. The supplied regulators are electronically controlled regulators with a solenoid actuator. All regulators have the BS341/8 fitting required to connect to any standard CO2 valve. Our regulators come fitted with a gas pressure gauge showing the amount of gas pressure indicating the amount of gas left in the cylinder. When used in tandem with a CO2 PPM controller it provides the most reliable means of enriching CO2 levels within the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need special equipment to use bottled CO2?

For managed release you will require a regulator. The regulator allows for the controlled release of the gas to infuse the air or liquid.

How should I store the cylinders?

Cylinders should be stored upright in a well ventilated area.

Do you sell CO2 cylinders?

No. A deposit is required for the cylinders and they remain the property of Titchmarsh you pay for the gas within.